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Where Laundromats are Headed in the Next Five Years

Posted by Charlie Pasquale on Dec 6, 2018 12:30:00 PM

 Successful businesses always look ahead.

They want to know what the future holds so they can plan for it, or possible even get started with a trend that launches them to success over their competitors.

So to help you see what’s coming in the laundry industry, I’ve compiled four notable trends that can impact your business in the coming years.

Let’s take a look.

Smarter Machines

The industry has already seen massive improvement in the way machines run, how they clean and affect clothes, and how long they take to complete the job.

But it’s not out of the question for machines to get even smarter. For instance, a machine may be able to soon distinguish linen type or soil level without manual input.

One company is already using smarter RFID technologies to help track their linen and how it’s used by their customers:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As the fashion and other sister industries start to adopt smarter practices and technology with their products, you can expect the laundry industry to move with them.

Mobile Pay

More people than ever are using smartphones, and it’s expected that the number will continue to rise in the coming years.

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That’s why we believe in the future of mobile pay here at The Laundry Boss.

It’s not just a fad, and it’s believed that by 2020, more people will use mobile wallets than credit cards.

They go with us wherever we are, and they help us make decisions about where to eat or get our cars fixed.

Mobile payment is a natural extension of where we already are. Your customers want it, and you need it if you want to stay ahead in the coming years.

Marketing Will Be Crucial

Marketing isn’t a wasted investment.

A recent study found that businesses who participate in digital marketing see much higher ROI on average than their competitors who don’t have a marketing plan.

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And this trend is likely to continue. The Internet isn’t going away anytime soon, and that’s where your customers go when they’re trying to find you.

Do them a favor and beef up your marketing efforts.

A Bigger Focus on The Customer Experience

More and more businesses around the world are honing in on their customer experience, and the laundry industry is looking to follow suit.

Studies have shown that businesses with a top-notch customer experience see more growth each year than their competition.

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And this is because they’re focusing on giving their customers what they want, how they want it.

Find ways to improve your customer experience both online and offline, and you’ll be ready for whatever’s next.


The future of the laundry industry looks great, but it’s not going to come without effort.

Technology and the customer experience are going to change the way we think about our businesses, and that’s a good thing.


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