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3 ideas you can steal from successful laundry owners

Posted by Charlie Pasquale on May 27, 2019 11:45:00 AM

3 Ideas You Can Steal From Successful Laundry Business Owners

Building a successful laundry business isn’t just a trial-and-error process. There are tons of proven ideas that can help you get more customers and engagement from your community.

This post will tackle three of them. I highly encourage any laundry owner to consider stealing one (or all) of them.

1. Community Involvement

Getting involved in your community is a great way to spread awareness of your laundry business and win new customers.

And many laundry owners are already doing this.

For instance, it’s very common to see laundry business sponsorships with a local college, semi-professional, or little league sports team. This shows your community that you care about what’s going on and what to be a part of it.

But keep in mind that community involvement isn’t just spending money - it’s also how you engage online. Digital marketing efforts can help your presence in the community and keep your customers happy with your brand.

Partnering in your community and building an online presence are two keys to help you build a successful laundry business in the long-term. Don’t neglect them.

2. Avoid Debt

The average small business owner in America has $195,000 in debt. That means there are a crazy amount of businesses who struggle to grow because of how much they owe.

So how can you avoid debt as a laundry owner?

The usual ideas of increasing prices, boosting sales, or cutting costs can all work - but they can also hurt your customer if poorly executed. The risk may not be worth the reward.

A better idea to avoid debt altogether, which means finding ways to cut your upfront costs. For instance, a mobile payment system from The Laundry Boss helps you save thousands upfront, and potentially thousands more over time.

That means less debt and more control over your business’s future.

3. Be Customer-Centric

Customer-centricity is a big deal these days. It’s the idea that you design your business around what your customers need, want, and think about your business:

(Image Source)

One laundry owner shared a story about a time when they printed and distributed 500 promotional fliers in their community.

After they were done sharing everything, the owner’s wife commented “we should have done some fliers in Spanish” - as roughly 40% of their customer base was Hispanic.

It was a bit late to think that, but it proves a valuable lesson.

Proactively thinking about ways to be customer-centric will help you avoid being in that type of situation and build your reputation in the community, which can translate into long-term success.

Be the Boss You Want to Be

Building off of the successful ideas of other businesses isn’t cheating - it’s just good sense.

Take steps to stay out of debt, get involved with your community, and be customer-centric. And *spoiler alert* The Laundry Boss can help you make progress with each of these initiatives.

Schedule a demo to see how our mobile payment system can help you be the laundry boss you want to be.

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